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Offisky Document: Account Setup
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When you enter the Offisky phone system settings at your first time, you will be guide into a wizard to initialize your account. This process is completely free and is only takes you couple of minutes. Simply answer couple of questions about your initial settings and you are ready to go.

For Offisky phone system basic concept and introduction, please refer to Concept Document for details.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System).

To activate the Offisky phone system in your account:

  • In the initial screen, click on the continue button.

  • Now, once in the initial (default) setting screen, update the following default value:

  • Account Name: Provide the name of your account (this will also be use as the default external phone call caller ID).

  • Time Zone: Please select the phone system account default time zone.

  • Default Country Prefix: Please provide the default Country Code for your phone system (ie. North America: 1, China: 86, Hong Kong: 852, etc).

  • Administrator Email: Please provide your phone system administrator email address.

  • Read, accept, and check the Offisky terms and conditions checkbox.

  • Click on the continue button.

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Discussion: Account Setup
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