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Offisky Document: Call Monitoring Team
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Category: Communication System Administration
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Last Update: Thu Feb16, 2017 05:16:22PM GMT(0)

You may manage all the Call Monitoring Team in your Offisky phone system here.

Call Monitoring Team is use to define the relationship between who can may monitor whoever's call in the Offisky phone system. The purpose of Call Monitoring Team is to provide additional training and management method to enhance your customer service experience and to improve the quality of service of your staff members. Once this team is created, the monitoring member (a.k.a. Supervisor) can perform monitoring action to the members being monitored (a.k.a. Agent) in different levels based on the team settings.


  • Call Monitoring Team is an explicit and separate definition outside of the Department "Manager / Staff" relationship, meaning the relationship in Department is completely not related to the Call Monitoring Team.

  • Some monitoring feature may or may not allowed, or may require additional notification based on your local laws and regulations. Offisky does not responsible to any kind of illegal action which is against any law in any countries. We strongly recommend you to consult your lawyer before process to use the monitoring tools.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select Features > Call Monitoring Team

Screen Operations:

  • Use [] icon to reload the result list.

  • To create a new Call Monitoring Team, click on the [] icon.

  • To copy and create a new Call Monitoring Team, click on the [] icon.

  • To select a Call Monitoring Team you wish to update, click on the [] icon.

  • To remove a Call Monitoring, use [] icon.

  • To sort the result list, use the provide feature at the bottom of the screen.

  • The page switch is located at the bottom of the result list.

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