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Offisky Document: Call Hunting Rules
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Category: Communication System Administration
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Last Update: Wed Nov07, 2018 11:59:18PM GMT(0)
What is Call Hunting:

Call hunting is a feature in Offisky which allow each user to define their own ringing sequence (example: when customer calling you, it start by ringing your office extension, if not picking up, then your cell phone and your office extension again, then your assistant phone). Offisky Call Hunting provide you a method (in both sequential and parallel [simultaneously]) to ensure you don't miss your customer calls. Offisky Call hunting rules can be manage by the administrator level or by the user level (which require to assign by the administrator). Offisky offers 2 types of operating methods for Call Hunting Rules.

  • Follow Me:
    When someone trying to call you, the system will contact (call) you, based on the providing sequence, one at a time. If one of your destinations (ie. phone) pickup, the call will be connected to this destination. No further action will perform. Note: if one of your destinations have voicemail service (ie. cell phone), your customer call may enter into the voicemail and the system will consider this call is already pickup and no further action will perform.

  • Extend Ring:
    When someone trying to call you, the system will start by placing your caller on hold (with music / advertisement in your account), then notify (call) you based on your provided sequence in your call hunting rules. Once you pickup the call, you may have an option to talk to the caller, or send the caller to your voicemail. This feature will still continue even if one of your destinations (ie. cell phone) have voicemail service and the call has landed to it. Once the caller reaches the "Maximum Hold Minutes" (the maximum allowed hold time), the hold will stop and the caller will send to your voicemail.

For example:
A user, John, may define its own Call Hunting Rules to start calling his office phone (device), after 40 seconds if no one pickup, then call his home phone for 30 seconds, if no one pickup, then call his cell phone, and finally, if no one pickup, then enter the office voicemail system.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select Features > Call Hunting Rules

Screen Operations:

  • Use [] icon to reload the result list.

  • To create a new Call Hunting Rule, click on the [] icon.

  • To select a Call Hunting Rule you wish to update, click on the [] icon.

  • To remove a Call Hunting Rule, use [] icon.

  • To sort the result list, use the provide feature at the bottom of the screen.

  • The page switch is located at the bottom of the result list.

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