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Offisky Document: External Call Plans Management
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Category: Communication System Administration
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Last Update: Tue Jun26, 2018 10:48:19PM GMT(0)
Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select PBX Base > External Call Plans (formerly called: "Phone Line Settings")

External Call Plans:

This panel provides the capability to control your "External Call Plan" settings. You may also check the prices of a call based on your current selected calling plan.

By default, the system will provide with a pay-as-you-go per-minute base plan, with the maximum capability of 5 consecutive calls.

If you are a heavy calling user and per minute calling plan is not your option, there are monthly plan available in the Offisky Market. Use [] will guide you to the market to review your options. Please note the monthly plan is calculated based on 1 consecutive calling channel, unless otherwise indicated.

If you wish to remove some or all of your monthly calling plan(s), please use the [Order History] panel within Billing System.

For Offisky phone system basic concept and introduction, please refer to Concept Document for details.

Call Minute Credit Bundle:

Call Minute Credits are credit bundles which can be use to make and receive chargeable minute calls (ie. long distance calls, or per-minute base calls). By default, the system will charge your Offisky wallet each time when you make a "chargeable calls". If Call Minute Credit bundle is purchased, the system will use the bundle minutes instead of charging your wallet (up until you run out of credits, then the standard Offisky wallet charging procedure will reapply).

Generally speaking, because of the Call Minute Credits per minute rates are much lower than the live minute charge rate, it is very popular for monthly usage accounts to use as long distance call credits, or per-minute base account purchase as regular usage minutes. You can purchase as many bundle as you like to fill your needs (even the same bundle more than once). The system will automatically calculate the total amount of credit you have, and consume them individually without conflicting other calling credits or your external call plan.

IMPORTANT: Credits within Call Minute Credit Bundles are minutes per month. Un-use minutes from the previous month WILL NOT carry on to the next month.

To order Call Minute Credit Bundles, use [] within the Call Minute Credits Section, which will guide you to the Offisky Market to review your options.

To remove some / all of your Call Minute Credit Bundle(s), please use the [Order History] panel within Billing System.

Other Information you need to know:

  • 1 consecutive call channel is refer to one live call (in / out) through your Offisky phone system.

  • If an inbound external phone call is called into your phone system, and you transfer it to another external phone number, this will use up 2 consecutive call channels at the same time. If you are using minute plans or call minute credits, double minutes (inbound minutes from the external (original) caller + outbound minutes to the external destination) will apply. It follows the same concept when perform call forwarding, or any other type of executing method which perform similar work.

  • All internal / extension calls will not use any of your call channel(s), and will not charge any minute even within the per minute base plan.

  • All External Call Plans and Call Minute Credits can share across all external phone numbers within your Offisky phone system.

  • The charge of the call is based on the calling plan you choose, not based on the number you have. For example, if you have a "Canada Unlimited" calling plan, but you also have a New York (US) number, making calls to New York is still a long distance call, regardless you have a New York number in your account.

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