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Offisky Document: Phone Device Account List
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A "Device" is the digital end point used to simulate a phone operation within Offisky phone system. A device can be something like IP Phones, ATA Converters, Software Phones or SIP Phone Apps which is run on SIP Protocol and allow to connect to any phone service providers. In your Offisky phone system, you need an account which allow your device to connect to, this is the "Device Account". You can manage all your device account in your Offisky phone system under this panel.

For Offisky phone system basic concept and introduction, please refer to Concept Document for details.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select "Phone Device Account"

Important Notice:

  • If your device is needs to handle incoming call, do not use one device account for multiple devices, where they will conflict to each others.

  • To protect against online attack, firewall rules are build into the system to block invalid device registration attempt, and will block out the IP addresses who has attempt to register to the service. Therefore, try to avoid invalid attempt when perform your device setup (ie. make sure your device settings is correct before allow it to register to Offisky phone system). If your IP is really blocked, please contact us through the Offisky Support Channel.

Screen Operations:

  • [] Reload the current screen.

  • [] View the detail settings for this device account.

  • [] Add a new device account (will process to the Offisky market).

  • To remove a device account, please use the [Order History] in the Billing System.

  • To search or sort the result list, use the provide feature at the bottom of the screen.

  • The page switch is located at the bottom of the result list.

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Discussion: Phone Device Account List
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