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Offisky Document: General Account Settings
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Category: Communication System Administration
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This panel provides the general settings use within your Offisky phone system.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select PBX Base > General Settings

Screen Operations:

  • Account Name: Your account name, this will also be use as the default call display name for your external phone call.

  • Time Zone: Please provide your local time zone here. If you are a multi-location business and your phone system will serve in multiple time zone, provide the head office time zone here.

  • Default Country Prefix: Provide your local country code prefix here (Eg. North America: 1, China: 86, Hong Kong: 852, etc). If you are a multi-location business and your phone system will serve in multiple country code, provide the head office country code here.

    • IMPORTANT: It is very important to provide the correct country code here. Otherwise, whoever using your phone system will have to manually enter the country code each time they make an external phone call.

  • Administrator Email: Please provide the email address of the administrator who will manage your Offisky phone system.

  • External Call Display: Select the default phone number you wish to use as your caller ID when you making external phone call.

    • If this is a new account and you do not have a phone number yet, you may come later after you have order your phone number.

  • Caller ID Pass-Thru: Use the original Caller ID for when passing calls to External (PSTN) network.

    • By default (Disable), when passing calls to the External (PSTN) network, the caller ID will be override to your account Caller ID to hidden the original caller ID (eg. when an inbound call is from 14161234567 to your company (1905XXXXXXX) and you forward / transfer the call to your cell phone, your cell phone will always see the call display of your company [1905XXXXXXX] to protect the original caller information. By turning this on, your cell phone will now see the caller ID is 14161234567). The default behavior is recommended when using Offisky as a standard PBX phone system, whereas, turn on Caller ID Pass-Thru might be a desirable result for virtual office (Where Offisky is only use as a Auto-Attendant and forward calls to different cell phones by extension numbers).

  • On-hold Playlist: Select the play-list you wish to use when your Offisky phone system place someone on hold.

  • Call Recording: Select how you wish to process call recording in your account.

    • Disable Call Recording: No call recording can be performed in your account.

    • Enable Automatic Recording (All Calls): All calls will be recorded automatically in your account (including calls which does not connect to a live person).

    • Enable Automatic Recording (Live Calls Only): All calls connected to a live person will be recording automatically in your account.

    • Enable Automatic Recording (By User): All calls make or receive by the selected user(s) will be recorded automatically in your account. Please refer to Call Monitor Team document to learn how to select a user for auto recording.

      Notice: Only call made or receive by the selected user's "connected device" will be recorded. Calls will not be recorded if forwarded to cell phone, call hunting, call group, or using other forwarding method to different destinations.

    • Enable Manual Recording: Manually record individual call, if necessary (see: operate manual call recording and retrieve call recording for details).

  • Recorded Call Handling: Select how the recorded call file handle (Only apply if Call Recording exist).

    • For call recording clean up schedule, please see Delete Conversation Recording Document.

    • Save to Offisky Storage: All recording will save into Offisky Cloud Storage for further review / cleanup.

    • Send to Admin Email (Size < 3MB Only): All recording with size less than 3MB will email to the administrator email inbox. For recording file large than 3MB, will storage in Offisky Cloud Storage for further review / cleanup.

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