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Offisky Document: Call Hunting Rule Settings
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What is Call Hunting:

In Offisky Phone System, Call Hunting is a calling sequence (or a sequence of forwarding rules) which defines how a call can look for you (For example, you may start by ringing your office desk phone for 30 seconds, then ring your cell phone for another 30 seconds, and finally call your home phone for another 30 seconds, if no one pickup the call, then process the call to your phone system voicemail). Call sequence can be very flexible and can be assigned to individual user to setup their own sequence. There are 2 major operating mode in Call Hunting, depending on the business operating environment.

Follow Me Mode:

In "Follow Me" mode, whenever the Call Hunting rule received a call, it will simply follow the sequences defined in your Call Hunting Rule to look for you. The caller party (the caller who is calling you) will listen to normal ringing sound, just like they are making a normal call. Once the call is picked up, no further call sequence within your Call Hunting Rule will be execute.

Extend Ring Mode:

In "Extend Ring" mode, your call hunting rules will be simulating a call queue behavior. At the caller side (the caller who is calling you), they will hear your company Music / Advertisement On Hold and waiting for you to answer the call. While they are waiting in the queue, the system will also provide options, which allow you users for certain immediate action if they don't want to wait (ie. leave a call back number, leave a voicemail, etc.). At another side of Extend Ring, the system will try to contact you based on the calling sequence you have defined in your Call Hunting Rule. If none of the call sequence pickup the call, the system will restart the hunting process after 1 minutes, up until: (1) Any one of the sequence pickups the call, or (2) the call wait to the "Maximum Hold Time", and forward to your voicemail (if setup).

Setup Description:

You may setup a Call Hunting Rules in this screen.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select PBX Base > Call Hunting Rules > Select the Call Hunting Rule [] you wish to update > Settings (Tab)

How it works:

  • All Call Hunting Rules are called one by one, based on its sequence number (starting from Sequence 1, then Sequence 2, then Sequence 3, etc)

  • To dial more than 1 endpoint in a sequence, you may create a call group and set the sequence call into the specific call group.

  • In each sequence, you may choose where or what you wish to ring, along with its required parameters (see on-screen help for details).

  • Once the sequence is finished, the call will restore back into the original user extension settings behavior.

  • If a call is forwarded to a cell phone and the cell phone voicemail pickup the call, the phone system will consider this call is already picked up and no sequence will be further execute. To avoid this situation, try to make your calling time shorter to avoid fall into the cell phone voicemail.

General Screen Operations:

  • Name: The Call Hunting Rule name.

  • Assigned to: The user who has this Call Hunting Rule assigned to.

  • Operating Mode: Select the method you wish your call hunting to operate (see Call Hunting Rules for details).

  • To add a new sequence: Click on [] located at the top of the complete sequence list.

  • To remove a sequence: Click on [] located at the top of the sequence you wish to remove.

  • To move the sequence order: Use [ | ] located at the top of the sequence you wish to move.

  • To remove the complete Call Hunting Rule, use [] icon.

  • Once finished, click on "Save" to save your settings, or click on "OK" to save and return to previous screen.

Extend Ring Screen Operations:

  • Maximum Hold: The maximum hold (queue) time in minutes, before further action (ie. leave to a voicemail).

  • Country Prefix: The country code where this Extend Ring is operating (ie. US/Canada: 1, Hong Kong: 852, China: 86, etc).

  • Voicemail: Once the call exceed the "maximum hold" time, which voicemail box you want to forward to.

  • Email: The Email address for the extend ring operation (required for Call Back feature).

  • Email Security Phase: A message will go along in the message of the email communication for this Extend Ring, to identify the legitimacy of the message.

  • Queue Option - Extension Calling: Turn on / off Extension Calling Option while caller is waiting on the queue.

  • Queue Option - Call Back Number: Turn on / off Leaving Call Back Number Option while caller is waiting on the queue.

  • Queue Option - Voicemail: Turn on / off Leaving a Voicemail Option while caller is waiting on the queue.

  • Custom Option Message: Using your own Option Voice Greetings Message instead of the system default.

  • Setup Note / Tips: If you choose to use Extend Ring Mode, do not put voicemail into any of your call sequence, since it is the sequence of calls trying to reach you to pickup a live queued call, it does not make sense to look for you via your voicemail.

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