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Offisky Phone System Operating Features

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Offisky Phone System comes with many phone system operating features which is expected to use in your day to day operations. Most of these features can be performed through the Offisky Phone Panel as well as the DTMF hotkey through your device (phone). One of the interesting thing about Offisky Phone System is whether you execute a feature using the phone DTMF hotkey or the Phone Panel, they will inter-compatible between each others, this makes the Offisky Phone System much more easier to operate and flexible for daily operations (EG. you may park the call using a device park hotkey, and pick it up using the Phone Panel, or you have transferred a call using DTMF hotkey, and pick it up using the Phone Panel, etc).

Useful Tips:

  1. Always dial # after finish dialing a number or enter a code to speed up the process.

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