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Offisky Document: Remote Call Pickup
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Category: Communication System Operation
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Last Update: Tue Oct15, 2019 09:06:57PM GMT(0)

Remote Call Pickup feature allow you to pickup other extension's incoming calls within your same team, this is a convenience way to cover other extension user's phone calls if necessary.

Perform by device (phone) DTMF hotkey:

  1. Dial to: *666.

  2. The system will automatically connect you to one of the ringing incoming call(s), if available.

Perform by Offisky Phone Panel (Application Menu > [ Phone Panel]):

  1. When an incoming call is ringing one of the extensions within your team, click / tab on the ringing extension icon (the extension should show ringing state).

  2. You will see a list of incoming calls which is currently ringing this extension, select the one you wish to pick.

  3. The system will now connect you to the ringing call.

Method 1: Enable "Remote Call Pickup" feature (Global Settings):

  1. To enable "Remote Call Pickup" in the global scope, your phone/device must not defined in any one of the location group (otherwise, the system will use the location group settings instead of the global setting).

  2. Now, enter Phone System "General Account Settings" as described in this document.

  3. In field [Call Sharing], select [Enable].

  4. Now, [Apply] your new setting.

Method 2: Enable "Call Sharing" feature by location group:

  1. You may also enable "Call Sharing" features using individual location group settings.

  2. Now create a new location group. Make sure [Call Sharing] is set to [Enable].

  3. Now, for each phone you wish to enter into this location group, go to Phone Device Account Settings and set the phone [Location] to your new location group.

  4. Just remember to [Save] your settings.

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Discussion: Remote Call Pickup
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