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My Phone Panel (or Phone Panel) is a centralized user operation panel which provides phone (extension) related operations in a single screen. It comes with a lot of useful features, such as, a list of co-worker extension and popular contact list to allow easy click-to-dial calling directly from the panel. Co-worker extensions overview allow you to see your co-worker real-time status before initiate any communications. Call Queue management where you can view and operate call queue right from the panel. Call Monitoring control allow you to monitor your call team by a single click, customer case system allow you to review caller previous conversation before taking to your customers, and a lot more. This phone panel is a build in feature for Offisky phone system, as long as you have a user extension attached to your Offisky account and you are good to go.

Panel Location:
Application Menu > Select [ Phone Panel]

Basic Requirement to use My Phone Panel:

  • Your Offisky account must be a "extension owner" of an "extension number" (under "User Extension Mode", see Number Settings).

  • You must have a "Device" registered to this "user extension number" (see Phone Device Account).

User Extension Button:

The user extension list provides a list of your co-worker extension. Under each user extension button, you can see the user current working status (ie. On / Off Duty, Available, Busy, etc) and the extension status (In Conversation, ringing, available, etc) in a single shot. In additions, if the user leave a status remark, you may also see it here by clicking on the "change" side icon within the button. To dial to the user extension, simply click on the button and select the type of action you wish to use.

Contact Button:

If you create contact within your [ Contact Book] and mark the contact as "Popular", these popular contacts will also show within your Phone Panel. To making calls using your contact book, click on the contact button and select the number you wish to dial to, then select the type of action you wish to use.

Contact Book:

Offisky comes with a contact book feature allow you to manage your contact information in the system. Created contacts can be shared by the Company, personal use only, or by a specific department use. Please Note, [User Access] permission: Operation Settings is required if you wish to create share contact. To use the contact book, click on the contact book icon.

My Call History:

This feature allows you to review all your call history record for your own extension.

Call Queue:

You may use this feature to manage / pickup the queued calls within your responsible call queue.

Call Monitor:

Call Monitor allow you to monitor your "Call Monitoring Team" members right from this Phone Panel. More dedicated call monitor screen can be found under Supervisor Tools.

User Extension Settings:

You may update your user extension settings directly by clicking this icon.

Queued Call Tracking:

Check the line up status of a queued call, which is using Offisky phone system call queue service.

Customer Case System:

Click this icon if you wish to use the customer case system.

Oh-Hold (Parked) Calls:

Click this icon if you wish to to restore the On-Hold (Parked) calls by your extension.

Dial Now:

Once you have provided the name or the number you wish to dial inside the dial text-box, click on this icon will dial the call directly.

More Dial Options:

Once you have provided the name or the number you wish to dial inside the dial text-box, click on this icon to select more dial options.

Other Operations:

  • [ Work Status]: Update the On/Off Duty Status

  • [ Extension]: Update the extension working status.

  • [ A.D. Queue]: Sign out from an existing "Auto Distribution Queue".

  • [ Device]: Perform Dynamic Device Pairing.

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