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Last Update: Tue Feb28, 2017 12:57:11AM GMT(0)
Privacy Policy (Version 1.0)

All services, in any kind, provided by SKSYS CORPORATION o/a Babysoft are strictly followed the Privacy Policy guide line listed in this document.

  • Information we collect. Your information will be collected when using any Babysoft provided services, including, any data provided from you or your account, cookies, device information, IP Address, physical locations, contact, etc.

  • Information we won't collect. We will not collect your credentials, credit card information, or financial information, unless it is related to the service(s) provided from Babysoft.

  • Use of Information. Babysoft will use the information collected from you strictly by the following purpose.

    1. To provide you the Babysoft products or services.

    2. To learn from your personal preference, improve your customer experience, and enhance the overall quality of our service.

    3. To display targeted and relevant advertising, or special promotion which may related to your interest.

    4. To protect against viruses, malware, or any other threats which may damage our service(s) or our users.

    5. To share information with Babysoft employees, agents, and service providers, who are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

    6. To share information with government agencies, public bodies, regulators, or other entities where permitted or required by law.

  • Policy Updates. This privacy policy may be change at any time without notice. Please review this policy regularly. Continuing to use service(s) provide by Babysoft meaning that you understand and accepted to this policy and any changes to it. When this Policy is updated, a new version number will be release at the top of this document to identify the changes has been made to this document.

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