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Last Update: Wed Sep27, 2017 10:06:27PM GMT(0)

Welcome to Offisky support, the official support channel for the complete Offisky Project. Offisky Support is available through the Offisky Support Channel. Don't forget to also check our online support documents and other member discussions for more information related to your questions.

Important Notice:

  • To get support through Offisky support channel, you must agree and follow the Offisky Support Policy.

  • Due to the nature and complexity of your question, the response time for each ticket may vary. We will response to your ticket as early as we can.

  • If you are looking for more comprehensive, private, and business oriented support packages, please visit Offisky website and look for our authorized partners.

To access Offisky Support Channel:

  1. Login to the master account which you have question with (or access into the account using [User Menu > Work Space]).

  2. In the main panel (not any one of the sub-panel), within your Application Menu, select [ Support].

  3. Within the option list, select "Get Offisky Support".

  4. You are now in the Support Dashboard.

  5. To view your existing ticket updates, click on "My Support Tickets".

  6. To create a new support ticket, select "Create new ticket", and fill in the form with your question / problem.

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William Wong
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Posted: Tue Dec01, 2015 12:00:00AM GMT(0)
Discussion: Offisky Support Channel
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