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Offisky Document: Phone Number Binding
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Last Update: Fri Apr14, 2017 06:19:29PM GMT(0)

Some features in Offisky require a trusted alternative external phone number (ie. the user cellular phone number) use by the user to perform the action. The typical example will be Call Hot-switch, which allow calls to switch between user extension and their cell phone. You may setup your trusted alternative external phone number by use "Phone Number Binding" tool.

Requirement and Limitations:

  • The alternative phone number must be a number outside of your Offisky account (cannot be extension numbers or phone numbers under your account).

  • This number has to be directly connected to you and yourself only (ie. your cellular phone).

  • One user account can only have one alternative trusted phone number, if you enter more than one number, only the latest one will be use.

  • Due to security reason, once you have provided the number, you will require to follow a validation process to ensure the ownership of the number (See below Setup Procedure).

Application Menu > Select [ Staff] > Status & Settings (Tab) > Phone Number Binding

Setup Procedure:

  • If this is the first time you setup your number or you are updating your number, provide your alternative number at in the "New Number Binding" text box, and select the icon.

  • Once your number is accepted into the system, an automated call will made to this number asking for the number Access Code. Provide the "Access Code" which is current show in your screen.

  • If you does not receive the automated validation call, check the provided number is correct and select "Re-Validate" to process the call again.

  • If you fail to process your validation within the call, select "Re-Validate" to process the call again.

  • Once the validation is successful, the "Phone Number Binding" is finished and your alternative number will now ready to use. Your screen will also display the current status of your number.

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Discussion: Phone Number Binding
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