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Offisky Document: Offisky Billing Overview
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Last Update: Wed Dec13, 2017 11:49:16PM GMT(0)

Offisky billing provides all necessary billing related features to maintain your Offisky account.

How Offisky Billing Works (Video):

  1. Wallet: Wallet maintains all your available funds within your Offisky account. Available funds can be use to purchase any item listed within the Offisky market. All wallet transactions are listed under the "Wallet Activity" panel.

  2. Order: Whenever you place an order through your Offisky account, you will generate an "order" into the system. If you wish to further manage your order (ie. view, cancel, re-activate, etc), you may do so by using the "Order History" panel.

  3. Invoice: Each time when you transfer funds into your wallet, the system will generate an invoice for your record. All invoice history can be found under "Invoice History" panel.

  4. Market: Whenever you wish to order anything within your Offisky account, the system will re-direct you to the Offisky market, which will then list all the options you may have and guide you how to process your order. In order to purchase any item or service from the Market, you need to have enough funds within your "Wallet".

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Discussion: Offisky Billing Overview
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