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Offisky Document: Community Support Policy
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Category: Panel Operation
Type: User Manual Document
Last Update: Mon Feb06, 2017 08:58:39PM GMT(0)

This document describe the Offisky Community Policy. The policy provided here is intended to create a clean and happy community for all users. Everyone within the Offisky Community must agree and follow this policy to communicate to each others.

Offisky Support Policy:

  • Please limited one question per ticket, which will help us much easier to identify your issue.

  • Topics discussed in this forum is only limited to Offisky related projects.

  • Using offensive word(s) or phase(s), in any form, are prohibit within the Offisky community.

  • All files uploaded into the Offisky community must checked by anti-virus software, and this anti-virus software must be safe, popular use, and up to date.

  • All provided questions, comments and answers must fashion in the manner of simple and easy to understand.

  • Never place any sensitive information in "Public Tickets", while these tickets can be viewable to all users (internet and Offisky support community).

  • If the ticket status is OPEN, meaning the conversation is not finish yet, we are still working on it and will response to you shortly.

  • If the ticket status is CLOSED, meaning the conversation is already finished, no further communication will be performed to this ticket.

  • If the ticket status is BANDED, meaning the conversation is not allowed within our support policy to discussed here, no further communication will be performed to this ticket.

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William Wong
@Babysoft Corporation
Ticket Creator
Posted: Tue Dec01, 2015 12:00:00AM GMT(0)
Discussion: Community Support Policy
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