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Offisky Document: Supervisor Dashboard
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This screen is designed to make ease of the supervisor to perform the day-to-day monitoring working. Supervisor can also perform similar work under the [Phone Panel] > [ Call Monitoring] Option. Only with "Call Monitoring Team" Supervisor permission can access into this panel.

Panel Location:
Application Menu > Select [ Supervisor] > Dashboard (Tab)


  • Some action allow you to privately communicate with the Agent you are monitoring to, make sure you have double confirm the agent before perform the action to avoid any unexpected results.

  • Make sure to consult your lawyer to ensure your local government law allow to perform call monitoring action.

Live call monitoring options:

  • [ Supervisor Help Signal] Turn on/off the supervisor help signal to this agent. Supervisor Help Signal is designed to use in the environment where Agent may request help to the Supervisor, and the Supervisor indicate he/she is currently helping with the call, or Supervisor wishes to provide indication to the Agent who is currently being monitoring. Both Supervisor and Agent can turn on / off this supervisor help signal.

  • [ Listen Only] Listen to the conversation only.

  • [ Coach] Coach the conversation. Under this mode, the Agent you are currently monitoring can listen to what you speak, but not the other party.

  • [ Conference] Add yourself into the conversation. Under this mode, all parties (including the Agent you are currently monitoring, and the other party) can listen to what you speak on the phone.

  • [ Take Over] Take over the call. Under this mode, you will transfer the other party directly into your extension. The Agent you are monitoring will simply hang-up (release) from the original conversation.

To perform live call monitoring:

  • This screen will list all the agents in your monitor team and their current status.

  • Once the agent is on a call, click on the agent icon.

  • Then click on the [ Call Monitoring Icon].

  • Confirm the "Extension" and "Device" is who you wish to monitoring to ensure no un-expected results.

  • Select the monitor option you wish to use.

Screen Operations:

  • To change the monitoring team: Use the team drop down list.

  • To view the call queue line up status: Click on the [ Call Queue] icon.

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