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Offisky Document: Offisky Business Operation Settings
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Category: Business Administration
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Last Update: Sat Feb18, 2017 12:20:53AM GMT(0)

Offisky panel business account comes with a set of business operation features which is designed to make ease of your day-to-day business practice. By incorporated with the Offisky phone system, it can also create something very useful and interesting. For example, the phone panel provides Offisky users the ability to view their co-worker working and call status, contact book which allow users to make ease with their calling, a online one-click calling feature to help with easy dialing, off-duty to voicemail to help users operate their extension status, dynamic pairing allow users to move around between desks or offices to use different phone device as their own extension, and a lot more other features which I am not listed here. However, these features required to use the Offisky Business Operation Panel and to setup correctly in order to perform the work. Please refer to individual setup document for further information about setting up your Offisky Business Operation Panel.

The main Business Operation Panel Dashboard can be found in:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Operation).
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Discussion: Offisky Business Operation Settings
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