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Offisky Document: Voicemail Account Settings
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Category: Communication System Administration
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This screen allows you to update the detail settings for a Voicemail. If this voicemail is belongs to a user extension, the owner of this user extension may also update the part of the user editable settings from their settings panel.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select PBX Base > Voicemail Account > Select the voicemail account [] > Settings (Tab)

General Section:

  • Account Name: The display name of this Voicemail Account (Editable by administrator ONLY)

  • Voicemail Mode: The Voicemail Account operation mode, which support one of the following 3 options. (Editable by administrator ONLY)

    • Save incoming voicemail Only Only save the incoming voicemail into the voicemail account.

    • Save incoming voicemail with email notification Save the incoming voicemail into the voicemail account, and also send a "Mailbox Synchronizable Link" to listen to this voicemail by email.

    • Forward voicemail to email Only (No Save) Forward received voicemail to email (voicemail will not save into the user voicemail account).

    • Dummy Email Do not save or perform anything, all voicemail will be discarded by this option.

  • Phone Access Password: The number only password use when checking voicemail through the device or phone.

  • Email Address(es): If the [Voicemail Mode] has selected with voicemail to email options, all received voicemail will be sent to this email address, otherwise, this field will be ignored.

    • If email options is selected, but this field is empty, the system will use the "extension owner's email address" which has linked to this voicemail account.

    • If multiple extensions shared the same voicemail account, only one of the extensions will be used as the extension owner of the voicemail account.

  • Email Security Phase: A custom message send along with your voicemail to email message to distinguish spammer emails.

Greeting Messages Section:

  • You may update individual voicemail greetings by clicking on one of the [] icons.

  • The voicemail greetings are separated into 2 parts, the "Event" portion and the "Voicemail Instruction" portion. For example, the default unavailable message: [The person you are trying to reach is unavailable] is the event portion, and the [Please leave the message after the beep, when done...] is the "Voicemail Instruction". You may update both portion, by update the greeting message in this section.

  • Some feature may require to use the Voicemail Owner Name, as the extension owner name, which can also updated here.

  • If the Voicemail Temporary Greeting exist, it will override the existing "Event" potion of the voicemail greetings, which is useful for temporary message (ie. Holidays).

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Discussion: Voicemail Account Settings
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