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Offisky Document: Using Binded Phone Number as an Extension Forward
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Last Update: Wed Sep27, 2017 07:52:08PM GMT(0)

Once you have bind your personal phone number (ie. your cellular phone) into your Offisky user account, you may now use it as the forwarding extension. The difference between using the binded phone number and normal call forwarding is the caller ID display. In general, when you setup always call forwarding within your extension settings, all calls display to your forwarded phone will always showing your company caller ID. This is the default behavior for a standard phone system, where all calls redirect through a phone system will using the phone system caller ID. However, if the call is process to a binded number within the extension, Offisky will consider this is a extend to your original extension and also forward the original caller ID (including caller ID prefix, if exist) to your forwarded phone number, which make more sense to the extension forwarding, or Virtual Office (where no physical office, all calls are forwarded to cell phones) situation.

If you are looking for always pass through the original Caller ID to all public calls within your account, see Caller ID Passthru in phone system general settings.

Setup Procedure:

  • Setup your Phone Number Binding, as described in the Status and Settings document.

  • Then provide the same binded number within the "Always forward all inbound calls to" field, as described in Extension Settings document.

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Discussion: Using Binded Phone Number as an Extension Forward
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