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This screen provides all current login sessions using your account, you may perform additional operation(s) to individual session by click / tap on each of the session icons in the list.

Accessing Current Login Sessions panel:

  1. Switch to your home account in "User Menu".

  2. User Menu > Under Settings, select [ Manage your account profile], click on [ More Account Options], in the option list, select [ Manage your login session].


  • This panel is designed to manage only your login sessions, and it can only access via your home account (to switch between accounts, click on "User Menu").

  • This panel will only show sessions currently login under your account, which is not included device(s) with auto login enable but currently not within Offisky.

  • In the event of losing your device but it might contains auto login to access into your account, please change your password (which will ensure all old login sessions are disabled). Your password can be change using your account profile panel.

Panel Operations:

  • This screen provide an overview of the devices who are currently login using your credentials.

  • To perform operations to individual login sessions (ie. logout an existing session), click / tap on each login session icon and select from the option list.

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Discussion: Manage your current login session(s)
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