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Offisky Document: E911
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You can manage all your emergency records for all your numbers under this screen. Once you have updated your record in this panel, these information will automatically updated into the E911 emergency operator centre.

To understand how Offisky E911 Emergency Service works, please click here.

Panel Location:
User Menu >Under Settings, select (Phone System). In the top navigation menu bar, select PBX Base > E911 Management

How to setup an emergency record:

  • Create a emergency record here using this panel, and map it to an external phone number.

  • This external phone number should be use by the device who is located in this address.

  • Now, whenever this device dial 911, the emergency operator will be able to retrieve your emergency record.

Screen Operations:

  • Use [] icon to reload the result list.

  • To create a new emergency record, click on the [] icon will guide you through the market wizard.

  • To select an emergency record you wish to update, click on the [] icon.

  • To remove an emergency record, use [Order History] panel within billing system.

  • To sort the result list, use the provide feature at the bottom of the screen.

  • The page switch is located at the bottom of the result list.

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